Abundance Flow

Restrictions are not Nature’s Tools
They have been invented by Fools
Who think they need to Control Life
And make US Live in Constant Strife!

as Obi-Wan once said: “There is…
…Always of course a Bigger Fish”
The Cosmos Amplifies Our Wishes,
be it for Love or Tasty Dishes

Just like my Body trusts my Heart,
I as a Human too must Start
To trust the Bigger Better Plan
Where in the Past I Simply Ran…

…away from every single Threat
Refused to see it as a Bet
I now See Clearly my Desire
And let it set my Heart Afire!

There is no Blockage Big Enough
To make my Life seem very Rough
I Focus on the Best I See,
And Aid its Growth Infinitely!

Don’t Sweat the Details, They Will Come
Though I Know not where they are From
Could be A sudden extra Source
or Q and Trump’s Successful Course!

I help by Spreading Words to Sleepers
Rejoice in News of Captured Creepers.
Focus on Every Single Step
That helps us beat the Deep State Trap!


While Still Contained by Quarantine
Most Awesome News can Still be Seen!
I’m Watching the X Twenty Two,
Reporting on Youtube for You!

He Fluently Connects the Dots,
Both for the Knows and the Know-Nots…
Explaining Orchestration Done
To Fight the Deep State ‘Till We’ve Won!

The Once Almighty Fed Reserve
Was Trumped and Got what they Deserve.
Now Used to Help the Normal Man,
The President Will Help them Ban…

…All the to Big to Fail Banks,
By Removing them from the Ranks
of Institutions Needed for
The World of Twenty Twenty Four!

There Will Still be some Trouble though
Because Deep State Minds do Work Slow,
They Still Think They Can Keep Us Locked,
But Their Own World Will Now Be Rocked!

Q, Patriots and Donald Trump
Will Pull the People from the Slump
of Taxes Taken from Our Pay
Which Weren’t Needed Anyway!

Building a Future Positive,
By Taking Out the Negative.
A World Where Most Are Truly Best,
And Those Who Aren’t Will Face Arrest!

the Great Awakening

the Greater World has been Asleep,
and Most of Us Were Gone Quite Deep
Some People though did Not Forget,
And Stepped So Early From that Bed.

They Went and Sought the Secret Stuff,
Instead of Watching All the Fluff
That Demons Spun Before Our Eyes,
the Wars, the News and All the Lies!

Yet Now the Tables they are Turning,
the Cabal Strongholds are Now Burning.
the Freedom Battle in Full Stride,
Dark Has Nowhere Left to Hide!

Their Victims Brought into the Light,
Freed they’ll be a Dreadful Sight
for Those Who are Just Waking Here,
but Needed to Transcend the Fear!

You’ll want to Puke for what was Done,
The Dark Ones Have No Place to Run!
They Will Receive their Justice Swift,
And from the Dark the World Will Lift…

…with the Suppression Being Gone,
Abundance Surely will Go On
to Shape a Heaven here on Earth,
Where Every Human has True Worth!

Water of Life

My Baby just Asked Me, to Help Her to Drink
A Glass of Clear Water, Which then made me Think:
If I should Remind Her Each Hour to Come,
Then Maybe it’s Wise to Also Have Some….

And so Motivation is Triggered by Droid,
Because my Phone’s Beeping Won’t Get me Annoyed.
I then Text My Sweetheart to Get Her Own Drink,
While I Get Right Up to get Mine at the Sink!

And so We Are Close if Still not Together
The Water Creates an Invisible Tether.
For it is What Can be Influenced by Thought,
Whether that Thinking is Good or Distraught.

Emoto did Prove It, that Water is Life,
And Now it Connects Myself and Wife.
Whatever I Think of Her She Will Soon Feel,
For Light and Water Run the Karmic Wheel.

After Oil…

Imagine a Future Where Trains Just Stand Still,
Converted to Homes for Humans That Will
Want to be Free of Any Big Grid,
Be at One With Nature Just Like We Once Did!

Where Planes are Not Needed ‘Cause Humans Can Fly,
By Will and Intention, not Having to Try.
Where Borders Are Useless as Humans Go Free,
No Passports or Money Required to Be…

…With Those that You Love, No Matter How Far,
Be it ‘Cross the Earth, or a Nearby Star!
Where Mindless Consumption No Longer Grows,
But Creative Freedom Everywhere Flows!

Where Owners Let Go of the Need To Control,
To Play The Big Heroes that Limit Each Soul
Into Mindless Drones that Are Merely Bred
To Serve Every Whim From Waking Till Bed.

Where Free Will Implies That Others Have It,
And We Do Allow Their Desires to Fit!
This May Seem Impossible In This Here Moment,
As Good Battles Evil and Secret Torment!

No Need To Believe Me, But I Have Seen
This Wonderful World in Many a Dream.
And with These Inspired Words I Leave You Be,
In Hopes That You Too Will Suddenly SEE!!!

Her Question…

“Why do you Stay?”, She Asked of Me,
“Because I Love You!” Could not be
the Answer ’cause She Wanted More,
and not just “Because I Adore…”

The Lady Seemed to Ask Specifics,
But All I had Were the “Terrifics”,
All the Tiny Little Things
My Hearts Sees in Her as it Sings!

Is it Your Humor or Your Smile,
Your Wisdom or Simply You Style?
Is it the Reflection I See,
When I Catch You Looking at Me?

Could be the Youth I Never Had,
Reliving Now What Then was Sad.
Could be All of the Things Above,
But Mostly I Feel it’s Your Love…

…for Me which Warms my Older Bones
You Putting me upon the Thrones
I Never Dared Ascend Before,
Somehow You Made Me Love Me More!

Keeping the T(h)rust!

We’re Told by Outsiders We Have to Go In,
That Being Together is a Sickening Sin.
Now That May Sound Foolish if You Don’t Believe
The One Public Story the Media Weave…

And Still There is Mast’ry in Doing That
Because Help is Needed for a Big Coup d’Etat!
While We Stay at Home, the Forces Take Down
The Sickening Reach of Each Pedophile Clown!

They are Like Bullies Who Can’t Stand to Lose
Yet I Would Never Want to Be in Their Shoes:
For After the Patriots Are Done With Them
They Will Have to Bow to the Final Grand Slam!

But First We Must Pray for Their Victims & All
Who Help Free Them and Make the Ugly Ones Fall.
Once They are All Safe on the Mercy and Hope,
We Will Slide the Evil down Justice’s Slope!

And Then There Will be No Escape From the Real,
What Many Denied as it Did Make Them Feel
That Such a Cruel World Could Not Be Here Right Now
Yet it Was and We Humans Must Rebuild it. How?

I Feel That This Task Will Be Difficult Yes,
But Without the Secrets, The Work Will Be Less…
…’Cause Those Who Once Saw It While Others Still Slept,
Will No Longer Be Crazy, But Sources of Depth!

Together the Ninety-Nine Percent Will Make
A World Where the Motto is “Give” and not “Take”.
The Weird Mathematics of Infinite Sharing
Will Then Make a World Where We All Are Sharing!

Channeled on 2020-04-07

Musings of a Lone Traveler

Wow, 17 years ago already…. 🙂

Musings of a Lone Traveller….

At the Age of Forty, I look back and Smile.
Done a Great Many Things, in such a Short While…
Met Interesting Friends, in Places Unknown,
Some left me in Pain, with Wounds to the Bone.

But learning evolves, and with these lessons,
I stand up again and the hurting lessens.
It seems to be hesitant, trembling at first,
But always I feel this Soft Yearning Thirst.

For ever more Knowledge extracted from All,
Discover some great things, but then take a fall…
Get up again without even thinking,
I look up in anger, my opponent is blinking.

That does cool me down, and I feel for some insight,
If only I could, if only I might…
Appearances seem to distract me from battle,
a Woman’s Voice Singing, a babies Rattle.

But when I return these minute incantations,
weave powerful spells, and my emanations
are suddenly better than ever before,
I lunge, and I parry, I even Adore…

the wizardry of my opponent’s Game.
For hours we battle, the score stays the same.
But change is forever the constant in this,
Rising to the challenge , I too become Wiz….

After 42 hours, we pause side by side.
She looks at me deeply, and proposes a ride.
Thru thick luscious forests, we ride on bare backs,
The horses are speeding, avoiding attacks…

From the forest, the branches, we bend and we duck,
For ages we wander, without getting stuck.
This is not a match between just us 2,
but a dance between lovers, who know what to do.

There is no real battle, it must end Right Here.
We toss out our swords, and break both our spears.
Together the two of us ride to the Sunset.
Determined to add to the still rising onset….

Of human awareness, in places unknown.
We sit side by side, connected by BackBone.
Each does his thing, but together we Know…
That the End is not near, and the progress is slow.

Small steps, dearest Elly, will move every mountain.
Unseeable first, but always attacking,
a river will seem to never be hacking.
Yet after the years of its grandeur passed by….

We stand at it banks, and wonder why
the Grand Canyon is such a Magnificient Sight.
Or even the wall, that used to hide
the Great Empire of the Chinese from attack in the Night.

One forged by Nature, the other by Man,
Both Equally Brilliant, but diff’rent they are.
I feel for this chain of recursive creation,
We make stuff ourselves, but most dare not mention…

The horror of horrors, the creation of AI.
They claim it won’t work, will blacken the sky.
I feel that my Presence Right Here on this Plane
is also to break down this Barrier again.

Again? Do you mean this has happened before?
Just think of Atlantis, the Inca’s, and more.
the Dinosaurs even, for reasons unknown,
they vanished from Earth, but left info known…

From the depths of His Story we unearth these things,
to study, to learn from, but most scholars hinge
on the narrowest vision, imposed by their teachers,
fathers, mothers, and even some preachers.

They never aspire to be more than they are,
Do not recognize that no matter how far,
we are all connected by wireless threads,
that pull us in Chaos, and put us to bed.

Wake up now, dear student, and find you a Wiz…
Not merely to follow, but learn till (S)He is
content at the level of Mast’ry achieved.
Or you mean to follow the next thing believed….

To help you remember the Grandeur of All.
No doubt, if you’re learning, you will sometimes fall.
But please do believe me, you have to get up.
For Failure is Futile, and Love is the Top!

Hello world!

Somehow the title of this example page is perfect to add my very first poem in the cycle to this blog: It was written on the second anniversary of 9/11, and will be republished here in the period that is now covering up the cleanup operation that will make the real story between 9/11 be revealed, along with a bunch of way uglier stories that will make sure we never will allow such a thing to happen ever again. So truly: “Hello World”

Caught by Rubble, flying high,
Planes Explode and Thousands Die.
Does Bin Laden Rape the Sky?
Why did My Loved Ones have to Die?

It’s been a While, and Time Heals All,
And 9/11 says it All.
I See it now, as Clear as Day:
This Sorrow Once Will Go Away.

Remember All we Will One Day,
To find No Fault in Mayhem.
The Negatives come as they May,
We cannot Once Delay Them.

But Learn we Will, to conquer All,
Improve the Black to Colour.
My Soul now soars just like those Planes,
Awaiting Our Tomorrow…….